Lumos: Similar to the Latin word for "lamp" or "light" (as in luminate or illuminate).


Make everyday different. 

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Who is it for

Lumos Academy education synergies empower complete online schooling or help with old school schooling. Lumos leverages technology while empowering communities to make schooling more accessible, more practical, more experiential. Sign up for online schooling, school outing clubs, extra lessons or just join our community.

our teaching Synergy

Online full time

wherever, whenever

Giving learners the freedom to find and follow their passion and life purpose wherever and wherever. Tune in on computer or mobile as far as the Internet reaches. 

Adventure clubs

Learn more by actually being there

Lumos Academy adventure clubs empower learners and parents to travel, explore and share travel learning experiences so we all benefit from them.

Online Part Time

Synergize as it suits you

If for some reason the appeal of the freedom to learn wherever, whenever doesn’t appeal to you and you prefer brick and mortar learning, Lumos is there for you by enlightening those topics that elude or challenge. Extra classes at your leisure, wherever, whenever.

Practice makes perfect

Lumos makes more time for adventures, more time for family and more time for fun. We actively encourage learning adventures. Children learn much more, much faster this way. This is why we synergize learning making the best of technology and the best of direct in person learning adventures.

The best online facilities

The efficiency and fun of online learning creates much more time for the pursuit of passion and adventure. Our online teaching is streamlined and designed to make learning effortless and efficient to make room for more living and more fun.

Learn from the very best

We combine the best of the best of South African CAPS, British Cambridge and USA GED online and adventure clubs offline to facilitate the best learning synergies for wholesome learning.

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