Maximum value for money

We're instantly contactable

Lumos Parent Portal

You're always in touch through the Lumos Parent Portal showing you up to the minute progress

Lumos offers a blend of the world's finest tried and tested education methods and content

Drawing on the wisdom of the ages incorporating Eastern and Western Philosophical teaching methods and perspective

Lumos gives your child a myriad of tasty topics to choose from over and above their core education to try out new posibilities and reveal new talents and passion

No more stationary nightmares

No more stationery purchases. It's all online via PC, smartphone or tablet

Safety from bullying and school politics

An end to daily school drop off and collection headaches

No more school raffles and fundraising, no hidden costs.

None of the hassle of school uniforms. None of the conformist mentality of dressing like everyone else.

School on any device that connects to the Internet

No overcrowded classrooms, easier to focus

No overcrowded classrooms, in fact no classrooms at all