We build a foundation on the
American GED curriculum
and Cambridge

Lumos Academy offers the American GED and Cambridge curricula and will include Entrepreneurship, Business Courses and Sustainability Studies.

We are in touch with University requirements both within South Africa and abroad and we aim to continuously comply with any and all University requirements. This includes all of the subjects offered by brick and mortar schools.

Any additional subject matter we offer is intended to motivate learners to participate, explore their interests and fire up their passion for learning.

In addition to the GED foundation, we offer various entrepreneurship and business courses as well as Sustainability Studies, Social Media and Internet Marketing.

We actively encourage all students to regularly blog and v-log while learning Video Editing and active YouTube.com practises, culture and marketing techniques.

 More than an online school, we’re also a school that propagates online culture, awareness and security. For this reason, your child’s work will often be available for you to review (and hopefully Like) online. This is quite a departure from everyday schooling and we hope you enjoy such free expression and active practise as a departure from theory culture while making education pragmatic, entertaining and rewarding.

The GED frees us up to update and emphasise our own curriculum and bring our education into the now.