The GED® Reasoning Through Language Arts Test

Language Arts GED test focuses on assessing these three skills: the ability to read closely, the ability to write clearly, and the ability to understand and edit written English in context. Twenty-five percent of the test covers literature, while the remaining 75% is dedicated to non-fiction text derived from a wide range of workplace contexts.

The Language Arts GED® test has two components: reading comprehension and writing. For the reading comprehension, you must be able to make logical inferences from the text. You must be able to demonstrate college-level ability to determine the text’s main idea, understand points of view and comprehend what words and phrases mean.

The writing component assesses your ability to analyze arguments and to use evidence to prove your point. It also evaluates your ability to develop ideas and structure as well as your ability to express yourself clearly in Standard English.

How to Prepare For GED with Test Prep Toolkit’s GED Practice Test for Language Arts

Answer Test Prep Toolkit’s GED practice test for Language Arts. This will help you familiarize yourself with the test structure and the kinds of questions you will encounter during the exam. The questions will evaluate your reading comprehension and English usage skills. The practise test has 25 questions. Answers may be quickly revealed after each question to aid you in your study.